Ideas for Free Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen…: MENA — Good Governance, United Politics, Chain Reaction of Jobs

Implement swiftly Genuinely OPEN/TRANSPARENT SYSTEMS OF GOVERNANCE at every level, OF INTEGRITY and EFFICIENCIES, that’s Ethical, Smart, working as brilliantly, cohesively & super effectively as world’s most successful Fortune 500 Cos. From the smallest School, Health Center, Village Governing Council right up to National & Regional.    

Cede to the people FREEDOM/RIGHT TO INFORMATION (like FOI in EU, RTI in India, FOIA in USA) — Providing all info, files, (hand written) notings/remarks (except miniscule involving HighRisk National Security) related to all Govt/Public Sector planning, decisions, contractor/supplier selections/processes, financials/fund spends; from largest National to smallest Local Projects, from huge Power Plants to every new Road, School, Health Center, Maintenance Contracts, and also the entire process of Public recruitment, jobs (including Army, Security), etc  

POST ALL SUCH GOVT INFO, Progress/Steps, every Payment made and Quality Control (Guidelines, Implementation & Videographed Test Results of every process & stage) of All Projects CONCURRENTLY ONLINE, every working day.  

Alongside, Ministers and Officials can’t possess discretionary powers, a major tool for corruption and patronage linked cronyism & nepotism — covering Govt land allotments, change in land use; recruitments, transfer of officials; selections, approvals and funding connected with public projects, procurements et al.


Freely take help from other successful models, for instance of India’s (Brilliant, super efficient (unlike many of her other Insts) who use electronic EVMs everywhere successfully inspite of relatively lower literacy, e.g. 1 day is all it takes to count 400 million votes polled in General Elections! (out of 675 million registered voters) and declare nationwide results, in the world’s largest democracy. In most cases one can call winning party/alliance by lunch, Day1! (counting starts very early morning), and also of EU, Canada and Australia. (But not of India’s super slow Courts, Justice System, corrupted and lethargic Police.)     

Expand and Strengthen the numbers and powers of CONSUMER COURTS like to each and every local area, district. Ensure Swift & Fair Justice for wronged consumers, incorporate limits to time and sittings for different categories of cases. (India’s has many good retired judges on its panel, along with prominent activists.)  

ALL GOVT/PUBLIC OFFICIALS TO DECLARE WORTH (every 6 months), investments, etc, of self & family, and also any conflict of interests in their work.      

REWARD, with full publicity, inc functions, media and online — with Cash & Kind — BEST PERFORMING and MOST HONEST & EFFECTIVE GOVT/PUBLIC SECTOR OFFICIALS & WORKERS, small & large TEAMS, inc of Municipalities, Energy, Water, Sanitation, INFRASTRUCTURE, Transportation…TEACHERS/PROFS, POLICE, Traffic etc, etc 

contributions include those from benefiting local businesses, industries & community of people.

SEVERELY, HONESTLY and SWIFTLY PUNISH the CORRUPT, involved in graft. commissions, cronyism, patronage, nepotism via fast, smart cases leading to LONG JAIL TERMS WITH SHARED TOILETS. Set up special independent fast track courts to prosecute cases relating to all forms of corruption, nepotism etc, with mandate to finish cases within set deadlines. These courts should try all those indulging in corrupt practices, including those in the private sector, the bribe givers also for instance. Seize all properties & investments made off illegitimate means, corruption inc those in family’s/other’s names, some props can be converted into community facilities, inc schools & training Insts.

Make the taxation structure transparent and extremely simple & unbureaucratic. Ensure tax compliance throughout the system via combination of self regulation and smart, strict, hi tech oversight. Massive seizures of untaxed money more ethical, and better for the economic life over the medium and long term than amnesty schemes.   

Make it Cool & Prestigious to pay all Taxes Fairly & Squarely; the owner of the smallest corner shop to the largest biz group should be seeking the status and cool quotient in gathering and paying Sales/VAT, Income, Service, Excise, Custom and other Taxes. The Tax Authorities should post online the process & steps of collection & dispersal of all monies, inc region & sector wise Tax collections.

HUGELY ADVANCE HONESTY/ETHICS, EFFICIENCIES, INVESTIGATIVE/CSI SKILLS, Time taken on Cases, Conviction Rates — of POLICE, Security Forces, Courts, JUSTICE SYSTEM. Take Help of World’s Best Performing Models.  

Use Innovations like even making the Police personnel watch & analysis a dubbed selection of best episodes of TV Crime & Forensics Shows like of various CSI Series.  

GET INVESTORS FROM MENA, ARAB WORLD, Oil & Gas (inc Windfall) Money & WORLDWIDE FUNDS (inc part of those fear prone which run from one stock mkt of an emerging nation onto another) INTERESTED — apart from regular industries, Nu Age SEZs – also in creating CHAIN REACTIONS OF SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) THEIR CLUSTERS — across sectors, inc Agriculture, Food Processing, FMCG, both Low & Hi Tech, IT and all kinda Green Industries — across Egypt and MENA, inc poor urban & rural areas. Many large ethical projects would automatically stem from this common sense prosperity, if planned in detail, and implemented with genuine collaborative, but strict oversight.  

Some can be genuine, fair partnership between Big Cos, Trade/Industry Associations and local Communities, some PPP, Public — Pvt Partnerships, all under clearly laid out rules & guidelines.

Development & enhancement of Local Infrastructure: economic, social, energy, water supply, sanitation, recycling, transport, educational, recreational to be the business of some of these SMEs and Clusters. These include NuAge Green Homes, Retrofitting & Renovation of exiting Homes and Community Areas. Also creating critically required, but oft neglected Infrastructures like new/expanded water ponds/bodies and using the earth excavated for raising land surface heights to flood safe levels of home and businesses.   

Many of these SME Clusters should be run as Nu Age Corporate Cooperatives, with most workers & executives having shares. 

Combinations of these clusters —  by region, product & services range can band together under large umbrella organizations so as to be able to market & distribute their products & services directly to the National, Regional and World Markets, hiring the best professionals for the jobs. Some of these orgs can even own their own chain of stores, kiosks, restaurants etc to increase both value to the customers and profits for themselves. 

One prime aim of these clusters is to create fulfilling & lucrative jobs for the poor and marginalized in villages and small townships  NEAR their homes, so that they don’t have to forcibly migrate to cities for livelihoods, living in terrible conditions in shanties/slums and the factories, sweatshops itself.

But Environmental Norms (& Mandatory Green Requirements for each & very operation, of every unit) have to be strictly implemented, and most, if not all have to be non polluting, the few polluting ones to be clustered together for hi efficiency cleaning up & recycling of pollutants and waste through shared facilities.     

Also included in these SMEs are very Hi Productivity, Quality & Preservation Green, Smart Agriculture, Aquaculture/Fisheries, Cash Crops like Flowers & Herb; Multi Storied (retractable) GreenHouse Drip Irrigated Farming, also incorporating Hydro Agri — that can enhance yield per acre upto 1000% 🙂 

Promote on a massive scale HOME and COMMUNITY FARMING/Kitchen Gardening, on balcony, terraces, open lots — for Veggies, Herb & Spices, some Fruits etc, largely Organic, some Hydro Agri incorporation. Saves on household spending, fights inflation and enhances nutrition, health & happiness, inc of the girl child and the physically challenged.

Hugely ENHANCE JOBS LINKED SKILLS CREATION across sectors, inc by employing full & part time, on assignments — serving part timers & retired professionals from across the world. For many it’ll be holiday + work combo — in  beautiful, exotic, ancient locales with lower cost of living. Use aspects of how via Marshall & other Plans US, UK and others partnered and helped Japan & Germany rebuild into two of world’s leading economies, engines of growth.

Convert, alter/adapt many existing school & college courses onto those more closely linked to developing Job Skills, inc Nu Age, Green, Hi Tech, IT Jobs. Involve Pvt Sector and their Associations throughout the process — right from the planning & inception to recruitment stages.   

With respect to brilliant, beautiful Pakistanis, MODEL ELECTED GOVT – ARMY RELATIONSHIP and CONTROL ON EU, INDIA, and NOT PAKISTAN, where their sword and ultimate power is over the fairly & squarely elected Govts. Their Pvt Sector participation (15—25% of Egypt’s economy) can stay, but make it more honest and transparent and ensure share of the profits go to the Public exchequer and all taxes are paid.   

DON’T ALLOW RELIGION TO BE USED IN POLITICS, ELECTIONS, its Campaigning, Communications; apart from other reasons, borne out by Regional & World History, it’s simply an unfair advantage, against the principals of democracy, level playing field/fair competition; God’s with us, not with the other parties/candidates, who are thus evil!! Vote for Us is a Vote for God and the Holy Scripture.    

ENSURE, ENFORCE PUBLIC FUNDING OF ELECTIONS, within Set Limits, with NO Pvt Contributions in money, publicity or services allowed beyond certain low limit, or none at all — for a fair level playing field/competition of vision, ideas, performance track records, and ideologies, equal for all candidates and parties.     

PARTNER TO REFORM MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD EVEN MORE, one could start with change of name, which presently excludes over half the population and even covers up little girls in full burqa (in this hot, tropical country!), make them understand and propagate more that Equality, Unity are two eternal pillars of Holy Quran (inc equality of work opportunities).

For instance if modesty in clothing is advised for women, well then so is it for Men, equally; so are pants with tucked in shirts, that invariably outline body contours OK for men?         

STAY UNITED, PEACEFUL and ALERT, COME WHAT MAY; those vested in conflict, war & terror, of all sides await and will definitely provoke Peace you have worked so hard for  via assortment of ways, not excluding innovative! and unlike #Jan25 #Tahrir, they have no scruples, but do have loads of illegit funds, inc of corruption, cronyism & windfalls.   

Their only principal is to gain Max Power, Profits, Control, whatever the cost; for many Religion, Holy Books, even Freedom only tools to be used, abused towards these personal and financial ambitions.  


مصر يا أم البلاد
انت غايتي والمراد
وعلى كل العباد
كم لنيلك من اياد

مصر انت أغلى درة
فوق جبين الدهر غرة
يا بلادي عيشي حرة
واسلمي رغم الأعادي




To Win, Maintain & Strengthen Freedom and Democracy in #MENA

1) Use #Gandhi’s, #MLK#Mandela’s ways of creativity, unity at all costs, non violence, keep d –whatever d provocation, also caus against ruthless, brutal armed force…….

2) Don’t damage, burn, loot properties of the Government & of corrupt leaders, which are all Public properties, belonging to the people, and also gives the movement a bad name, and the corrupt, ruthless regimes, propaganda tools.  

3) Enhance #Unity #Equality inc of Gender & #Empowerment, Eternal Pillars of #Islam…….

4) Know & Fix #Shia #Sunni, Tribal, Religious, School of Thoughts etc Divides=100% ManMade–Fortified 4 Power, Profits not by Allah الله‎ ……

5) Religious Leaders for Spiritual Support, no Politics; subsequently, after Freedom Religion needs to be seprate from Politics, it’s anti democracy/basic prinicpals of fairplay, level playing field…….

6) Make d corrupt Leaders get the message, if they cede Powers & organize free & fair Elections Now/Leave Now they perhaps get to keep a few Million $ from illegit Billions amassed in cash, prop, investments via Corruption- Patronage-Cronyism otherwise they’ll lose it ALL & gain long jail terms w/ shared toilets…….

7) For Freedoms, real Democracy in nations w/ large Shia ppl, Create Free & Fair Elections in #Iran Alongside …….

8) Like #Jan25 #Tahrir use Maximized #Creativity InnerStrength #Innovation which comes automatically through #Unity…….

9) #IChing  Classics of CHANGE ~ ☯ ~

Good fortune—misfortune take effect via PERSEVERANCE. #Tao / Way – of Heaven & Earth’s visible via PERSEVERANCE,

& these, in Libya-Yemen eg are just a handful of corrupt tyrants surviving via corrupt billions’ repression, brute crooked force, cronyism—nepotism w/ exile plans ready.

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