Tanzania’s SERENGETI NATIONAL PARK & its Wildebeest Spectacle would be severely Damaged with PLANNED HIGHWAY. Links Updated Feb end, 11


because the REALITY in Developing/Under Developed World, which is unfortunately still stuck with a largely corrupt, unimaginative, lethargic & inefficient Political & Admin System – is that ALONG with the ROAD, its Traffic, Pollution & Stops COMES Human Developments, Outlawed or not, oft starting with shanties. Furthermore the Highway Contract/s itself would invariably involve corruption, percentages, commissions, patronage to the favored few, thus also tempting to implement, regardless of the negative consequences for the environmental & her wildlife.    

Additionally, the temptations of the Highway project for the corrupt includes promise of future regular Illegal earnings for all those involved, from the politicians, the bureaucrats, the Forest officials, Police to their backers & cronies, front Companies – of the corrupt, and the families of all – via enabling-overlooking potentially vast Illegal, quasi Legal Human-Urbanized-Township & other related Developments all along th Highway. For instance these kind of corrupt practices happen very regularly all across India, where even the Supreme Court’s intervention oft fails to stop this lust for easy money manifesting in countless illegal human developments, inc shanties, settlements, colonies, even many mining projects on grabbed Public Lands and Forests.       

This is not Scandinavia, yet, i.e. it’s a still largely lo income, with (due to) largely Corrupt Politico-Admin-Oversight SetUp, ask the people themselves. Moreover, these high levels of Corruption in Tanzania have been corroborated year on year by Transparency International’s ‘Corruption Perceptions Index’ of Nations based on multiple surveys, which gives Integrity Scores to 178 Nations, where Tanzania is ranked as the 53rd most corrupt, with an extremely low score of 2.6/10, compared to scores of 9.4 to 9 of the top 5 nations (NZ, Denmark, Sweden…). Tanzania’s current score is lower than last year’s 3/10, indicating that instead of any action being taken against it’s politicos, admin et al, the system is becoming even more dishonest.  

Wildebeest Migration - Serengeti National Park


REFS, ARTICLE   (Sorry about formatting, not using html)

Sept – Oct, 2010 

http://bit.ly/9qyI7a  http://bit.ly/bCMhFs  

Wildlife Conservation Society & Zoological Society of London Oppose Serengeti Highway   

Sept 30 – Opposition against Serengeti Highway promts appointment of advisory task force http://www.eturbonews.com/18829/opposition-against-serengeti-highway-prompts-appointment-advisor

“Opponents, comprising the world’s top tourism experts, environmentalists, zoologists, conservationists, zoological societies, NGOs, and tens of thousands of individuals, have not just said “Njet, No, Nein, Hapana” to the proposed road, as often alleged by hothead sycophants within the Tanzanian establishment, but have offered a viable, shorter, cheaper and more effective route around the southern tip of the Serengeti, which would reach 2 million more Tanzanians and still meet the objective to connect the very same remote part of the country to the major urban centres.” 

Oct 20 – UNESCO’s Information Note on Proposed Highway in Serengeti National Park  http://whc.unesco.org/en/news/674

“…the Committee expressed its utmost concern about a proposed highway in the northern wilderness area of the Serengeti National Park. This proposed highway is a part of Tanzania’s Transport Sector Improvement Program (2002-2012). The North Road would be a part of the 452 km Natta-Mugumu-Taboro ‘B’-Kleins-Loliondo-Mto wa Mbu tarmac road, and would likely become a major transit route between Rwanda, Burundi and Eastern Congo. When finished, the road would dissect 53 km of the northern wilderness area of the Serengeti.

Along with the expressed concern, the World Heritage Committee has also asked Tanzania to consider one of the feasible and less environmentally damaging alternatives to the road.” 


UNESCO’s World Heritage Page on Serengeti



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February 14  The Serengeti Highway Is a Dead End for Majestic Wildebeest Migration


The proposed HIGHWAY TO HELL could lead to an environmental disaster that would have serious negative effects on the world’s largest remaining migratory system. These wildebeest are imperative to the life cycle of the Serengeti, to which a highway of this kind would severely obstruct.  What is different about this potential environmental disaster is that it is entirely preventable.  As previously pointed outit is a “disaster of choice” that can be averted.

study was recently conducted to gauge the effects of the proposed Tanzanian highway. Its findings are devastating.  A 35 percent loss of the wildebeest herd is expected if this road is built, translating to more than 500,000 animals lost. These numbers, however, are consequences of the road itself and don’t even take into consideration a slew of other repercussions: Swarms of vehicles traveling through the Serengeti Highway, coupled with fences and other barriers, would significantly disrupt these famed migratory habits and leave many animals in the dust.


February 10 – Serengeti highway won’t hurt park, Tanzania‘s president says (he’s plain wrong, it’s a no brainer)


Tanzania nevertheless plans to forge ahead with building a road that will cut through a 50-kilometre (30-mile) swathe of the park. As a concession to the uproar generated by the project, the segment crossing the park will be murram, or laterite, a move aimed at limiting the speed of trucks.

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Februrary 04 – Serengeti highway: fact or fiction, By WOLFGANG H. THOME   http://wolfganghthome.wordpress.com



In a startling development, two opposing pieces of news emerged over the past few days regarding the proposed and hugely controversial Serengeti highway. The original routing was to cut directly across the main migration routes of the big herds of wildebeest and zebras, with predators closely on their trail, and has drawn the wrath and ire of the international conservation fraternity, global organizations, and from many other corners….

…Then came news that while in Davos at the World Economic Forum, President Kikwete was quoted to have reassured high-ranking individuals also present at the annual summit in Switzerland, that he would NOT have the road built along the initially proposed Northern route and in the face of such strong opposition – apparently raised with him by a number of individuals in Davos – rather opt for routing around the park’s most sensitive area.

Yet, our politicians in East Africa were in the past often quoted to have said one thing abroad, seemingly to please their hosts, while promoting investments and cooperation, only to do a different thing altogether when back home again. Hence, whatever fact or fiction is in this latest contradictory talk, time will tell.

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